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Cancellation of hotel accommodation


If you made a reservation for hotel accommodation only, with or without breakfast, for one or more people, then the following applies for cancellation of the reservation:


Up to when can I cancel without charge?

You can cancel any type of reservation, except for non-refundable and early-bird, without a charge up to 24 hours before arrival.


What time does "24 hours before arrival" actually mean?

Cancel without charge up to 24 hours before the check-in time of 3:00 pm.


What is a non-refundable reservation?

This is a reservation for which you pay when you book online, that cannot then be cancelled or changed.


Why would I select the non-refundable rate?

In return for you sacrificing the flexibility to cancel or change your reservation, and paying directly online, we offer you a discount. This means the non-refundable rate is always the most attractive rate available.


What is an early-bird reservation?

This is a reservation with an extra large discount for people who book early, and pay directly online. This rate cannot be cancelled or changed without a fee.


What is a last-minute reservation?

A last-minute is a reservation with an extra large discount that was booked at very short notice. It means that the overnight stay occurs within 5 days of the booking being made. You will only find last minute options on a last-minute page, and it is not available for packages, meeting rooms or other promotions.